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Blood Sugar or Blood Glucose in Diabetes. English Text. Spoken Hindi

By , September 4, 2014 8:16 am

Blood Sugar or Blood Glucose in Diabetes. Text and Spoken Hindi (Hindi Edition)

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Text and Spoken - Hindi. Diabetes is defined as the condition with high blood sugar also called blood glucose. What is glucose? Where does it come from in our body? What are the normal levels? How normal levels are maintained in our bodies? What is Glycemic index and Glycemic load of the food we eat? What is the relationship between glucose, insulin, cell of our body and the blood glucose levels? Why the blood glucose levels rise in diabetes? How are they controlled if high? What is the relationship of blood glucose to A1C? All this and much more is explained in this DVD in simple to understand terms. Understanding this DVD will give you better understanding of your diabetes and better ability to control it. Understanding concept of glucose levels is a must to better control diabetes, says Dr. Anup, MD. Understanding glucose levels will also help avoid short and long term complications so common in diabetes. Best seen combined with the rest of the series - Gold collection for diabetics.


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