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Méthode Jeanne Piaubert ExpressSlim Flabby Thighs

By , September 10, 2012 8:14 pm

Méthode Jeanne Piaubert ExpressSlim Flabby Thighs

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For all women who complain about unsightly ldquo;balls of fatrdquo; located on the top of the thighs.Because this stubborn zone has specific needs and the fat located there is often deep and has been around for a long time, Meacute;thode Jeanne Piaubert has developed a shock treatment. The first specific care for flabby thighs that guarantees exceptional results in just 8 days!Chronobiology working for a slim body - Giving our body what it needs when it needs it. ExpresSlim Specific Care for Flabby Thighs provides a spectacular non stop action.The day serum works with the Lipodiume Complex, a unique combination of active ingredients, enriched with micro-patches, that works on three levels: br />It destocks unwanted fat thanks to a remarkable concentration of caffeine and its alpha2-releasing ingredientbr />It drains the fat then burns itbr />It regulates the effects of insulin, particularly high around midday, by favouring the release of fats out of the />Its micro-patches guarantee in-depth penetration of active ingredients and a better result on established cellulite (micro-patches are particularly important, as it is demonstrated that during the day, the skin is less permeable than at night. They therefore make up for this deficiency.)The night serum contains the high-performance Liponocturne Complex which not only destocks fat by the action of highly concentrated caffeine, but it also inhibits lipo-proteinelipase to prevent adipocytes from stocking up new fats. In 8 days:br />Fatty deposits are visibly attenuated br />71% Flabby thighs are reduced br />64% Orange peel skin fades out br />77% Of skin is softer 78%br />74% Of skin is firmer br />75% Ofskin is />br />In just 8 days you lose up to 3 cm on flabby thighs!


  • Methode Jeanne Piaubert - Expresslim - Specific Care For Flabby Thighs (8 Days) 8 days

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