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Manuka Oil 100% Pure East Cape 10ml/0.34oz

By , September 13, 2012 1:30 pm

Manuka Oil 100% Pure East Cape Te Araroa 40%+ High Triketone Content Organically Grown

Manuka Oil 100% Pure East Cape Te Araroa 40%+ High Triketone Content Organically Grown Rating:
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Manuka Oil 100% Pure East Cape Te Araroa 10ml/0.34 oz. Located at the tip of New Zealand's North Island, Te Araroa is a rugged and sparsely popuilated area with breathtaking views. The population is primarily native Maori, and harvesting Mānuka leaves for oil extraction is one of their main sources of income. These Mānuka leaves are harvested manually from naturally regenerating trees that are never sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. The Maori have used Mānuka Oil for centuries as traditional healing oil. Mānuka is the name given by the Maori to Leptospermum scoparium, a native tree of New Zealand. It grows at widely varying altitudes and climates and in areas subjected to wild, windy, and wet conditions. Given the seasonal high humidity and temperatures of the East Cape one would expect the trees to suffer from a number of bacterial and fungal diseases. However, the East Cape Mānuka trees are always healthy and even thrive in adverse conditions. We now know that this resilience is due to the mānuka oil stored in their leaves, which protects the trees against all sort of bacterial and fungal attacks. In fact, leaves of Mānuka trees that grow on the East Cape region are known to contain the highest levels of triketones of any Mānuka found in New Zealand. Our oil is extracted from these leaves by low temperature steam distillation without the use of chemicals. Advances in steam distillation now allow us to supply an oil with at least 40% Triketones. Mass market mānuka oils generally contain 20-25% triketones.


  • Distilled and bottled for Naturals New Zealand in Te Araroa, New Zealand East Cape, by Natural Solutions. The most effective, high triketone Manuka Oil. Harvested from sustainably regenerating trees grown in Te Araroa without pesticides or herbicides
  • The quality of manuka oils is determined by the triketone content. Mass market oils have 20% - 25% triketones. Our current batch independently certified to contain 40.7% beta triketones, with a certificate of analysis shown on the listing
  • New label shows the minimum beta-triketone content and brings back the Manuka Flower design. New white top has an enhanced safety seal
  • Distilled using the latest low temperature steam only distillation technology. Bottling at the same facility where the oil is produced guarantees the purity and integrity of our Manuka Oil
  • Ancient natural antiseptic oil ideal for eczema, acne, cold sores, toenail fungus, foot fungus

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