How can women protect themselves from spinal cord injuries

Since women have more fragile frame than men, they are more prone to spinal cord injuries (SPC) especially those that are caused by heavy falling. Experts say that there’s an increasing number of women who suffer from SPC mainly because their bodies are not “strong enough” to endure pressure when they meet accidents that involve their backs or the spinal column area.

Spinal cord injuries refer to the inability of the nerves in the spine to feel. Some say that this is somehow similar to back injuries. The only difference is that unlike in back injuries where they might be broken bones and pitched nerves, in spinal cord injuries, everything remains intact, only that, the function of mobility is greatly affected.

Studies show that in order to protect oneself from the impacts of hard falling, one should have a stronger frame. For women, the best way to achieve this is through strength training.

A good alternative

Strength training has become a popular choice of exercise in keeping the body fit and healthy because it is the fastest way in improving muscle as well as endurance and strength. Referred to as an exercise that requires a person’s muscles in exerting force against different forms of resistance like free weights, strength training is one sure way of yielding healthy body results especially in the spinal column area.

Experts say that doing strength training exercises at least 3 times weekly for 20 minutes or so is the most ideal. This may result to firm muscles especially if it is targeted for the back area. Aside from giving you firm muscles for a great looking physique, strength training can also increase the endurance and strength of the developed muscles that can allow women perform tasks daily with lesser exertion and effort.

Aside from making the spinal area get used to endure more pressure, strength training can also enable a person to do tasks for a longer span of time without having to endure sore muscles and painful joints after. This is because the muscles are already used to such tolerable force and this makes it possible for somebody to increase work capacity. Aside from improving the working capacity of the muscles, strength training can also help improving the body’s coordination, balance, and blood circulation as well as the strength of the bones and the ligaments especially in the back area.

Some women may be apprehensive about strength training because they think it not safe and will only make them look masculine. If done properly, no injuries can take place because weight lifting is the most common activity in strength training. When it comes to looking muscular, experts say that getting as bulky as men is not possible with strength training for women because the latter cannot produce as much testosterone needed for big muscles.

Experts say that to be able to develop muscle and achieve muscular strength through strength training, women should always make it a practice to stretch before she starts and after she has performed some weight exercises. Stretching is important especially for beginners because it can reduce soreness after the exercises.

The most common stretching exercises for to avoid spinal cord injuries include warm-ups that include flexibility and stretching exercises performed at least 8 minutes before any strength training exercise to keep the muscles supple, increase the joints’ range of motion, heart rate and body temperature, and blood flow to muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve coordination.