Massage can help relieve the pain caused by spinal cord injuries

The modern times give people instant everything but it also lead people to develop lifelong conditions such as spinal cord injuries. Realizing this, most people are now rediscovering things that would somehow relieve their pain caused by this trauma on their spinal column.

These days, one of the trends for people for relief for those with spinal cord injuries is massage. Despite the emergence of different massage parlors, saunas and spas, enjoying a wonderful massage don’t have to expensive. In fact, you can even ask your husband or your wife to learn how to practice massage so you can ask him or her to do it for you when the pain caused by spinal cord injuries strikes you.

Steps to a powerful and effective massage

During massage sessions, the first thing that needs to be done is to unplug the phone first. This would ensure that you have the luxury of time to spend with each other. Since a massage is not the kind of experience you would want to do hastily, it is best if you check the room you would use. Some of the possible factors that would affect-directly or indirectly-the outcome of a relaxing massage experience is the lighting and the overall atmosphere of the room. Make sure to turn off the light but if you or your partner is the type that enjoys mystery during a massage session, you can light scented candles or let natural sunlight permeate through your opened window to provide soft and indirect lighting.

And though you might want to play a soft sensual music throughout the massage, it is better if you keep the room quiet so you would hear and feel what delights your partner. It is also best if you would rearrange the room to give it a hands-on feeling and make sure it’s cozy and warm so both of you would be comfortable. Although it is ideal to give a massage on a firm and flat surface like a massage table, a firm mattress would do. It is also more adventurous if you will try to pile up the pillows on the solid floor to achieve that ultimate massage experience.

Some sanitary factors might also affect the massage experience. To avoid having delays to a massage, check if your hands are clean by making sure that your fingernails are properly trimmed. It is also suitable to keep your hands dry and warm by rubbing them together thoroughly. Although it not ‘a must’ to be clean before a massage, your partner definitely be more comfortable and relaxed if the essential parts of the body, like the hands and toes are clean. Ask the massage receiver if he or she would want to take a bath first before the session starts.

After considering all the factors that would affect the entire session, the time comes for the actual massage. You must keep in mind that constant contact with your partner is a very important thing throughout because it helps the massage flow smoothly. It is equally important to know the pressure suitable for your partner by intently listening to their responses while asking him or her once in a while. To make that the pressure is just right for your partner that has spinal cord injuries, keep your movements symmetric, even, and rhythmic by following smooth patterns.